XBox One Black Friday 2014 Sales – Best Prices


XBox One Black Friday 2014 sales are expected to be some of the most popular of the holiday season. The XBox One will be available at many popular retailers, such as Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and Amazon to name a few. The official release date of Xbox One was last year. While the PS4 is already available for release, it is not expected to do as well because the selection of games for PS4 is pretty poor. XBox One Black Friday 2014 deals are expected to do better because the selection of games is supposed to be better, as is the console. Plus the Black Friday 2014 XBox One Video Game Bundles are way better.


The starting price on a XBox is $499 and that is how it will look at most locations. Some stores like Walmart Black Friday XBox One sales will see a possible discounted price along with an additional Walmart gift card. They have pulled off similar deals in years past with hot items like iPads and other tablets. BesBuy XBox One Black Friday 2014 deals will probably be good too. Look for general discounts on consoles. The other items to watch out for are bundles. In other words, you can get an XBox One console along with controllers and select video games. It’s a great way to buy a gift for someone and get them playing.

Stay tuned for more Black Friday 2014 updates.

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